My Son Andrew

Andrew is my second child, a teenaged boy afflicted with Autism. He is primarily non-verbal but does make spontaneous requests for what he wants. Andrew loves Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort as well as sailing with Disney Cruise Line. When vacationing at the Disney Parks and with Cruise Line, Andrew comes into his own and we see developmental improvements in all areas, from speech, to cognitive and all the way to social. It’s truly miraculous and incredible.

He is currently a full-day student at Aptus Treatment Centre in Toronto and has never been happier in his life. Aptus Treatment Centre is a full sensory integration centre and the staff there have tapped into what motivates Andrew.

Recently Andrew began painting under the direction of his Art Therapist at Aptus and he is thriving. In one year he has completed over thirty wood frame canvas paintings using acrylic paint.

Andrew loves his painting, yet is unable to identify his colours. What fascinates me is the manner in which he juxtaposes his colours in a painting, the texturing used and how he loves painting using two different canvas frames simultaneously.

I hope you enjoy Andrew’s Art and join his Facebook Page. The link is in the sidebar on my main page.

Thank you.

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