A Little About Myself


I am a former instrumental music, art and core curriculum teacher, now stay at home mom to two children. I felt the need to stay home full time to oversee my autistic sons therapy.  I find great joy in all aspects of The Walt Disney Company and can attest to the fact that these vacation experiences have helped bond our family through my son’s great developmental and social improvements. He connects with Disney because all stories and characters come to life when he visits the Disney Parks. We see a side of him that we do not see at home and are trying desperately to bridge that gap.

My daughter is currently studying Pharmacology at the University of Toronto and is also performing cancer research with the Liu Laboratory at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto.

Even though my son has autism it does not define him. He finds great joy and relief from the tremendous amount of support at Aptus Treatment Centre in Toronto, which focusses on his sensory aspect. He has found expression through his acrylic paintings and greatly enjoys his Art. As well, he loves music and makes varied attempts to play the piano and other percussion instruments.

I love to share our experiences when travelling to the Disney Parks in the hopes that other families with special needs children may feel less hesitant to travel and enjoy the many wonders Disney has to offer.

Andrew’s Art and his new found joy in his expressing his thoughts and feelings on canvas has given our family great hope for his future. We just want Andrew to be safe, productive and happy.

Periodically, I will share my personal feelings about my son’s autism as I find it healing writing my thoughts down. This is similar to a grief in that there are many stages and processes one has to travel through to find enlightenment and peace.

Optimism and hope are always at the forefront of my thinking, and I believe my enthusiasm for all things Disney is contagious. It is my great desire to help as many people get to the Disney Parks and sail with Disney Cruise Line as possible, for life is too short not to experience the feeling of being a kid again as an adult.

As far as I’m concerned, I will never grow up.

Jackie's Selfie with Helmsman Mickey
Sailing our Mediterranean cruise aboard the Disney Magic, July 2014
Sailing the Mediterranean with Disney Cruise Line on the Disney Magic. Seen here at the Athens Acropolis.
Sailing the Mediterranean with Disney Cruise Line on the Disney Magic. Seen here at the Athens Acropolis.

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