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Andrew’s Art- Pink

All last year at his sensory integration treatment centre in Toronto, my son Andrew was busy. Anecdotal comments from Andrew’s teacher stated that Andrew loved his Art Therapy sessions and that he responded well to the Art Therapist, which made me very happy. Of course it did, he is responding and he loves Art, my minor in university.

He would come home covered in paint, splotches here and there and I didn’t mind at all. I loved that, yet I always wondered about seeing similar shades over the course of a few weeks. I now know why.

Finally, my fella brought home this 18″x 24″ canvas of acrylic delight. I still marvel at his use of colour, the way he mixes the colours and compliments colours by placing them next to their counterparts. This painting took Andrew a couple of weeks to complete. What interests me about that, is that Andrew would carry on with the same tonal colour theme day after day. That tells me a lot about how he is thinking and that he IS thinking.

The irony is that Andrew cannot verbally identify his colours, yet is well able to express himself through their interpretation.

The tone of white has become a sort of signature splash.

I can finally see into my son’s soul.


Greetings! My past contributions to the Disney Parks Moms Panel (2016/17) gave me great joy by having assisted exactly 1,700 future and return Guests in planning their magical vacations. I am a former instrumental music teacher, full-time mom of two older children- a daughter studying medicine, and an autistic son in the phases of adult transitions. Art history, reading, and enjoying travel are all hobbies that keep me happy and distract me a little from the daily challenges of being a full-time caregiver. Thank you for checking in, and for taking the time to read my posts.

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