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Stop Using the Word Vaccine So Loosely

Vaccines, I am finally ready to share my view. Twenty years ago autism rates were 1:10,000; in 2013 rates were 1:50. Folks, that is an epidemic proportion rate.
I believe in vaccines, they are necessary and I still continue to vaccinate my fifteen year old autistic son. What I don’t believe in are preservatives in some vaccines. While there are laws in some countries saying they’ve been removed, other countries don’t follow suit.
Thiomerisol (Thimerisol), an organomercury compound, reeked havoc with my son. I know what I saw hours after his inoculation; it’s a decline and loss I want no other parent to experience. I will not have the luxury of dying in peace; I have to live with that, my tough luck. Others have it worse than I do, I am acutely aware of that. By the way, organomercury compounds are found in antiseptics and are anti fungal agents. Nice. Not!
Here’s what I want in my perfect world. Ask your doctor to see what’s in the vaccine by checking the label on the box it came out of (stored hopefully in a refrigerator, not on a shelf)…but read the label on the box. Most of us read for GMO’s, calories and fat content on our food labels and everything organic, right? So ask to read that label on that little box, equipped with your list of demon preservatives to look out for. Or, specify that you want to pay extra for a fresh vial, free of preservatives. They’ll order it. They do when I ask.
Finally, I want each disease vaccine to be in its’ own vial, not in a mix or ‘cocktail’. That is a money saving measure. I’ll take my Mumps shot separate from my Measles shot separate from my Rubella shot and flood myself with water before and after while completely avoiding pain medication prior to inoculation (there is information regarding the mix of pain/fever reducers in conjunction with MMR’s). I’ll also spread those shots months apart. Why do they need to be together? Do they work better if combined? Oh right, money saving measures…right.
So that’s it. I’m not debating this, and I’m telling you this because I will not respond to comments otherwise. This is my opinion I will not change my mind. I know what I saw happening to my son after the mercury strolled through his little, vulnerable body. It was NOT the vaccine, no, it was the preservative in the vaccine. Damb them!
So, read your labels and while you’re doing that, stay away from Parabens, those culprits found in lotions and creams and make-up. They’re bad, bad news….and Triclosan, the thyroids worst enemy.
So while I’m saying that vaccines do not cause autism, something in the vaccine DOES TRIGGER an immune response….what is in there that’s triggering this response? I am sure there are many medical professionals out there that know the truth or at the very least have suspicions about agents in vaccines triggering autism and one of them needs to please come forth, show some integrity and give families like mine some closure.
To this day, I have seen no hard evidence to support the dramatic and rapid rise in the incidence of autism. Hard evidence on both sides, comparative studies, population samples, anything, solid across the board proven evidence by independent companies with no vested interest in losing a lot of money.
I also wish the media would stop using the word ‘vaccine’ so generically and loosely, it’s an unfair usage of the word, when they should instead hone in on finding which agents in the vaccine trigger the response causing autism.
Now, I’ll think about my kids and Disney, it’s the only way out of my pity party. One foot in front of the other and looking up, that’s where I’m going.


Greetings! My past contributions to the Disney Parks Moms Panel (2016/17) gave me great joy by having assisted exactly 1,700 future and return Guests in planning their magical vacations. I am a former instrumental music teacher, full-time mom of two older children- a daughter studying medicine, and an autistic son in the phases of adult transitions. Art history, reading, and enjoying travel are all hobbies that keep me happy and distract me a little from the daily challenges of being a full-time caregiver. Thank you for checking in, and for taking the time to read my posts.

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